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Our OWN CLOUD is 100% based on VMware solutions bringing a stable, reliable and secure solution for customers interested in modernizing their environments in a simple and affordable way.

VMware Cloud

Alongside Infrastructure, Private Cloud, Security Services such as DRaaS and many other VMware Technologies, we have been delivering consistent digital experiences for over a decade.

Our experts are dedicated to in-depth knowledge alongside this great player recognized for its solutions in Infrastructure, Hybrid Cloud, Security and collaboration. In addition, we are a VMware MSP Partner (Managed Services Providers), one of the latest and most innovative solutions that VMware has launched in the market.

VMware Solutions and Edge UOL

Hosting Migration to Hybrid Cloud

Our goal is to guide you quickly and safely, observing elements related not only to the business strategy, but also to the security regulations and dependencies of each application. We assess several aspects of the environment, which may involve our own clouds, public clouds interconnected with Hosting environments or other environments.

Storage as a Service

Our proprietary cloud environment makes use of VMware technology to provide a variety of storage options that fit the criticality of your environments, along with the time and strategy that best suits your business. At Edge UOL, your company only pays for the use of the storage resources consumed in your environment.

Infrastructure as a Service

We offer infrastructure solutions tailored to your company's needs. Public cloud models, flexible to processing, network and storage needs. We natively provide tools for automation, Kubernetes to guide CI/CD strategies, and tools that simplify troubleshooting activities

Managed Security Services

Our service is based on the best practices of cloud providers, we help our customers to manage information about resources, use and consumption, access and vulnerability control, with the objective of ensuring that the security of the cloud environment is always evolving.

Cost Management and Optimization

To take advantage of the full potential that the cloud can offer, it takes knowledge and practice. We build customized strategies, ensuring the best experience in use, governance and management of cloud environments.

Disaster Recovery

We support you in defining the best IT continuity strategy. From a simple file synchronization tool to a complete Disaster Recovery (DRaaS) solution, our experts ensure data integrity and security when an unexpected failure occurs.

Desktop as a Service

With Desktop as a Service (DaaS) it allows the unified management of virtual desktops anywhere on the internet in a simple, secure and flexible way. Our product provides a standardized Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) architecture, within our own cloud infrastructure or in your company's environment.

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Legacy approaches to prevention leave organizations exposed. Cybercriminals constantly update tactics and obscure their actions within common tools and processes. You need an endpoint platform that helps you spot the minor fluctuations that hide malicious attacks and adapt prevention in response.

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VMware - Private Cloud

VMware's global network with more than 4,000 cloud providers, leverages the cloud environment's consistent infrastructure to offer a wide range of services, helping customers meet complex regulatory requirements. And as VMware is a Edge UOL partner, your company has access to all the main differentials of the service.

100% VMware enviroment

  • Resilient sructure
  • Avallability of 99.99%
  • High and equipment
  • Easy management via single panel

Segregated Environments

  • VDC (Virtual Data Center Concept)
  • Dedicated resourses by VDC

Automantion via API

  • Easy Implemantation

High Performance Storage

  • All Tier flash and hubrids
  • FC Connectivity
  • Storage Area Network

Firewall e Networking

  • NSX based
  • Easy management and segmentation


  • Intallation of VMs with the mair market distributions


  • Kubernetes
  • Docker


  • Analistas especializados
  • 100% certificados


  • Pattern
  • Customizable

Unified Management

  • Control Panel
  • WEB
  • Easy acess to resources


Tenant Management

  • 100% Edge UOL administration
  • Systems, resources and applications


  • API Integration
  • Automation processes


  • KPI's management
  • Capacity Control
  • Proactive management


  • Backup on Public Cloud
  • Managed Backup Services
  • Edge UOL

Multicloud Connect

  • Connecting to Hosting and Public Cloud
  • External connections

How it works

DaaS - Access to virtual desktops

100% VMware Solutions

Advanced Virtual Deskop experience

Optimized VD

Accessible on any device

Licensing included

Exchange Capex investments for Opex

VMware solutions include four Clouds with different specifics to help your business.

DRaaS - Contingency

100% VMware Solutions

On Premise to Cloud

Cloud to On Premise

Cloud to Cloud

RPO up to 5min.

Multiple RPO´s

Granularity per VM

DR Cold ou Warm

VMware Cloud features already included.


100% VMware enviroment


VMware Cloud

Fully NSX Integrated

Ubuntu Native

Free version

Licensing Version Enterprise PKS

VMware Tanzu

Container Experience

on Vsphere

VMware Cloud features already included.

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Why choose Edge UOL?

Edge UOL is a certified partner recognized by VMware  on several fronts, assuring the efficiency of our service.

First VMware partner in Latin America to receive the seal VMware Cloud Verified.

 • Pioneers in adopting the VMware DRaaS solution in America Latin.

 • First implementations of DaaS in Brazil using solution VMware.

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