Report Information Security Incident

Information security incident notification channel. The communication can be carried out anonymously or identified ensuring the confidentiality of the sender's identity, in addition to the independence and impartiality in its treatment.

In order for the occurrence to have a fast and effective service, whenever possible, it must be accompanied by the largest number of information, such as:

Description of the incident;

Where and how it happened;

How it was detected;

Persons or organizations involved and/or affected;

Evidence, documents and/or other information that may be relevant to the evaluation of the case and referral of actions.

Classification of incidents (reason): 

Attempts at unauthorized access (brute force);

Unauthorized verification of networks or computers (Scan);

Denial of service attacks (DoS);

Disfigurement of sites (Defacement);

Leakage of private information;

Disclosure of passwords or other authentication credentials;

Virus or malware infections;

Any other suspicious events or queries.

Incident Reports should be sent to:

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