Service and Quality Management Policy

1. Purpose

Edge UOL focus on providing value to Customers and Partners, with services recognized for their high quality, safety and positive impact on society.

Aiming to assure customers with quality and efficient service delivery, Edge UOL establishes the Service and Quality Management Policy and reaffirms its commitment to maintaining and continuously improving the Service and Quality Management System.

Therefore, this policy aims to establish the guidelines of the Service and Quality Management System that are applied in the services provision by Edge UOL and corroborate the commitment to meeting the requirements agreed with customers, employees and partners, guided by ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018 and ISO 9001:2015 standards, along with its continuous improvement.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all parties involved in the providing of Edge UOL Transformation, Development, Hosting, Outsourcing, Security and Cloud services.

3. Guidelines

Edge UOL delivers value to customers, in attendance to the agreed commitments, goals, and seeking the involved parties’ satisfaction;

Edge UOL is constantly seeks for innovation, agility and continuous improvement in the development and services provision, additionally to its processes, with the monitoring, measurement and performance analysis of the Service and Quality Management System throughout its cycle;

Edge UOL manages, controls and monitors the quality of processes involved in the services provision for customers;

Edge UOL promotes all employees and interested parties’ awareness regarding the importance of: (a) ensuring focus on the customer and on delivering value and impact of services; (b) fostering innovation, agility, safety and quality; (c) constantly improving the Service and Quality Management System and encouraging the adoption of best management, security and privacy practices; (d) positively impacting customers, employees, partners and society;

This policy supports the strategic direction of quality and innovation in the organization's processes and services.

Edge UOL | Approved in 03/08/2021

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