Extend the Cloud Anywhere You Need It, with AWS Outposts

and Edge UOL

Deliver a truly consistent hybrid cloud experience

Bring AWS infrastructure and services to your on-premises facilities with AWS Outposts and Edge UOL. Outposts is a fully managed service that brings the same AWS infrastructure, services, APIs, and tools to virtually any on-premises facility. Ideal for workloads with low latency, local data processing, or data residency requirements, AWS Outposts extends AWS services to your own data center or co location facility. As a validated AWS Outposts Ready Partner, Edge UOL provides you with a hybrid solution for your on-premises needs.


Run AWS services

on premises

AWS Outposts and Edge UOL help extend AWS services to on-premises facilities, for a truly consistent hybrid cloud experience.

Truly consistent

hybrid experience

Outposts delivers a

truly consistent hybrid

experience by offering

the same hardware

infrastructure, services,

APIs, and tools on

premises as in the cloud.

Fully managed


Management of cloud

services is offloaded

with infrastructure

AWS, managed,

monitored, and updated.

Store and process data on premises

AWS Outposts allows

you to securely store and

process customer data

that needs to remain on

premises or in countries

where there is no

AWS Region.

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Extend AWS infrastructure and services to on-premises locations

Create a truly consistent hybrid experience and simplify IT with AWS Outposts by bringing fully managed cloud infrastructure and

services on premises to support workloads with low latency, local data processing, or data residency requirements. AWS Outposts helps customers accelerate digital transformation by bringing cloud services to where they need it, improve IT productivity with a consistent platform across cloud and on-premises environments, and deliver differentiated services by bringing cloud services closer to the edge and end users. Supported by AWS at every step of the way, bring the cloud to where you need it with AWS Outposts.

Edge Computing across all sectors

Technology, Media & Telecom - TMT

In the telecom industry, edge computing solutions assist in unburdening local data traffic by avoiding the transport of massive amounts of data (exabyte) through the network. The results are reduced costs related to data transfer and increased security with local edge gateways.

Retail & Marketplace

Retail is one of the world’s most competitive industries, and it relies on technology as a powerful ally to overcome challenges. Edge computing contributes by expediting business evolution throughout several online, offline, and managerial environments, creating immersive and customized omnichannel experiences in line with the physical model. All the while reducing latency on data processing and safely streamlining customer service.

Transportation & Logistics

Edge computing, together with new data transmission technologies, is revolutionizing the transportation and logistics industry, making viable many applications – some still on trial phases – such as autonomous cars, ships, and trains. Without the low latency provided by edge computing, these applications do not reach the efficiency and the security needed and cannot rely on agile decision-making.

Payments and Finance

In the financial services sector, traders must often make real-time decisions in the wake of sudden events and market changes. In this scenario, the slightest delay in data processing could lead to substantial financial losses. Edge computing thrives in this and many other financial market challenges by offering ultra-low latency and high performance in data processing.

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Use Cases

Customer Solutions Center:

Test your solutions using AWS Outposts.

The Customer Solutions Center is a space for you to perform usability tests on AWS Outposts, with very low latency in the national territory.

Edge UOL will enable companies that wish to test the performance of their applications and learn about the benefits of AWS Outposts to use the service already available in Brazil.

Business Accelerator with AWS Hybrid Edge.


Tailor-made solutions.

Custom Solutions

Physical data center capabilities.


Homologation space for customers with distributed cloud projects.

Distributed Cloud

Hybrid Edge customized solutions homologated in our region.

Hybrid Edge

Technical team specialized in AWS cloud and focused on Hybrid Edge.

Tecnical Team

Learn how to be eligible to test AWS Outposts for free.

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